I am finally getting around to putting some of my testimonials from clients here on my web site. If you have had a reading, EFT, or Reiki from me and wish to add yours to this page simply email me with it and I can include it here. Many Thanks

Here are some words from just a few of my satisfied clients.....

From B. D Edinburgh
I had an email reading with Gillian. She tells you the truth,  even if it's the truth you do not want to hear. This is exactly what happened to me. I took what she wrote seriously and started to ponder about her words.
A bit difficult at first, cause what Gillian said to me was not really good news, but it also allowed me to open my awareness about what came in the reading. She gave me clues that made me delve deeper into my situation. 
Four weeks after my reading, everything she told me proved to be true. 
Quite amazing! 
You can trust her and Gillian was also very quick to send me my reading. 
I am happy I came across her and want to thank her for her sincere approach and her talent.

Hi Gillian,
May I please say how much the reading you gave me today was extremely pleasing.I could relate to many things you said about my life and where it is at this present time. The insights you gave me were inspirational, thank you.
R.R Norfolk

"I have been having tarot readings with Gillian for a few years now and each and every one has been spot on with things that have been going on in my life and my immediate family's. There is no rush to get the reading completed by a certain time so you are able to take everything in that Gillian tells you - you can ask as many questions as you want as well. Having had a few readings at Mind Body and Spirit fairs I eventually had Gillian come round the house for a Tarot Party. My friends enjoyed the tarot readings with Gillian as much as I did and we always look forward to the next one!" - Hayley Pearson Norwich

I have used Gillian for years now, and all the advice she has given has been sound. It has helped me get through some difficult times. I highly recommend Gillian.

I am so pleased with the readings and guidance I receive from Gillian. She has great insight and her predictions are always accurate!

Victoria H - Suffolk

I've been visiting Gillian for readings for over ten years now and even though I've been to other psychics I find hers the best. She helps me see more clearly and that in itself is a big help sometimes.

S.Bennet - Stowmarket

Gillian is the genuine article, and guided by great empathy, also. - A Greally Ireland

I had a reading from Gillian at a pyschic fair in Norwich and she was absolutely spot on!

J.Shaw Norwich

I came to see Gillian for a reading and ended up having some EFT it was as though someone had flipped a switch in my head. All my fear and tension regarding a very difficult situation disappeared and I was able to cope. M Peterson Bury St Edmunds Suffolk

"Having always been interested in the possibility of having had past lives, I eventually decided to have some Past Life Regression with Gillian. I didn't know what to expect and wasn't even sure whether anything would happen. Gillian made sure I was comfortable in her lovely cottage and began the regression. I was aware of everything that was going on in the room in the present, but was also aware of the past life that I was seeing through the experience that Gillian had taken me on. I felt safe at all times and was amazed at what I had been able to see and experience with the regression with Gillian. I'm now looking forward to the next time to see what else I was as well as being an anglo saxon women!!"e with a very high stress meeting with confidence, I cannot reccomend her highly enough. - Hayley Pearson Norwich

L. Harding - Newmarket

Gillian gave me an intensive course of Reiki whilst I was undergoing chemo and I swear it helped me get through it more easily and aided my recovery. I adivse everyone to try Reiki it is marvelous.


I have had some eft treatment from Gill to deal with issues I was having with the break up of my relationship,it has really helped me to cope with some emotions that I was struggling with . I found gills calm approach very relaxing and would recomend this treatment

L Taylor - Bury St Edmunds