Tarot for Beginners Course


Tarot For Beginners


Course plus cards inc P&P to UK £50

Course plus cards and tutorials £95

Payable via paypal or Cheque

When sending payment please include an email address, your name and home address in an email to gillian@tarotandhealing.co.uk


 About the Course

This on line correspondence course is designed for complete beginners and those who have had a little experience with Tarot. Split into two modules that you receive either by post or email each one slowly and gradually eases you into the mysterious world of Tarot. You can learn at your own pace, there is no rush at all, and as there is a lot to take on board it is better do to this.

As a very experienced reader it has been fun putting this course together and creating my own take on how to read the cards. The basic method relies heavily on your intiuition but is backed up by as much infomation as I could give at this basic level.

The modules are divided into simple bite size pieces allowing you to fully digest each bit of information and complete practise exercises as you go along. The first module focuses on the 22 cards of the Major Arcana as well as looking into the origins of Tarot and how it has evolved.

There are some spreads to learn and practise your skills on and at the end a set of questions to complete. The second module focuses on the 56 cards of the Minor Arcana and again is sub-divided into smaller sections to make your learning and absorbing journey easy to deal with.

Once you have completed both modules, answered the final questions and copied and pasted your exercise results into an email for me to review I will be able to issue you with your certificate to say you have completed a basic introduction course.


Here are the modules broken down into their component pieces.


Module One

1 Care of your cards

2 Major Arcana (Divided into three at a time and seperated by exercises)

3 Energetic Majors

4 Earth & Moon Tides

5 The Significator or Soul Card

6 Spreads

7 Psychic Development Meditation

8 Questions


Module Two

1 The Court Cards

2 The Nummbered Cards

3 Multiple Numericals

4 Major Interactions

5 Spreads

6 Psychic Development

7 Questions

 If you need to know more or gave any questions about the course please contact me.

Many Thanks