Reiki Healing

Apologies but this service is currently unavailable due to foot injury

Seated Reiki Healing is £15 for 20mins

Couch Reiki Healing is £25 for 45mins


This 'hands on' form of spiritual healing channels the light energy of the universe through the healer into the person receiving treatment. It is a deeply relaxing experience that you can either receive in your own home, providing there is room for a therapy couch, or at my home. You remain fully clothed and just give your permission for me to lay my hands gently on or just above various points on your body. If you want someone else present during your treatment that is fine.

An average treatment takes about 25mins with a 15min consultation period so allow an hour. I do have cats living in my house but make every effort to minimalise their impact on your visit, if you are allergic to either cats or incense please inform me in advance.

For more information on Reiki please read the section pertaining to it in my welcome page.

To book an appointment with me please either call me on 01284 728761 0r 07707759051 or e-mail me via my contacts page.

Reiki for animals


Having worked with horses for a large part of my life I am very experienced at understanding their nature and normal behaviour and responses. This aids me in being able to give Reiki to your horse and know when and where the problem stems and how long the animal is likely to need Reiki for. Horses are highly sensitive animals and often tense up around people and situations they are not familiar with. Once used to my presence the Reiki helps to relax them which in turn aids their recovery.

Most animals respond well to Reiki and the general rule is the larger the animal the longer the individual session. A cat or dog might only need 10-15mins where as a horse could need 30mins.

It is extremely helpful for anxious or stressed animals and sudden acute pain.

My prices are £10 per small animal £15 per larger one plus petrol at 40p per mile and only for people within 30 miles of Bury St Edmunds Suffolk.

This service is call out only.

Many Thanks.