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Gillian Macdonald

About me.

I had an awareness of my psychic abilities when a child but it wasn’t until undertaking magical training with two mentors, both shamanic and psychic, that I refined my skills. Since then I have studied and practised many magical and healing paths including aspects of British Witchcraft, Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Anglo Saxon and Sumerian and their applications and interpretations in modern life. I am incredibly grateful for the guidance I have received over the years as it helps me connect with my own inherent abilities and those of nature and understand how they connect in our every day lives.


I have been reading Tarot for over 20yrs now both as a private counsellor and also attending healing and psychic fairs in East Anglia and holding workshops. My clients like my straightforward and friendly approach and my insight into their lives and the flexible choices I offer them. My Tarot pages will give you a potted history of Cartomancy, the art of divination, as well as access to my personal readings and options open to you. Here you have the choice of an e-mail reading, phone one, private one to one and details of my party plan. All are dealt with by me and not computer generated or carried out by an army of employees. A reading will help clarify individual concerns or queries as well as provide an overview of your life based on current circumstances and their most likely direction. I also offer workshops and private tuition in reading Tarot based on The Mythic Tarot.

Reiki Healing

I was initiated level one in 1999 and level two in 2000.
Reiki healing has become a popular Japanese healing art but it is thought that the roots are Tibetan in origin. As a non-intrusive form of hands on healing Reiki is similar to other forms of spiritual healing and by opening to channel the Rei – Light and Ki - Energy we allow it to flow through the healer into the client. Reiki is very useful for acute pain as well as chronic but as it changes the body at the quantum level it effects gradual transformation which can only be blocked by the client’s wishes.
I don’t charge for the healing but I do for my time which is why I might appear cheaper than some other healers. I cannot tell you how many times you might want Reiki, that is up to you but with some people it takes longer to work than others. I will say that if you don’t experience any positive effects from it then I wouldn’t influence you to continue with it unless you wish to. Often only 1-3 treatments are necessary to initiate change from within.

My Books

Inspired by a love of writing, my friends and my spiritual path I have written four books since 1999 that are currently in print.
Under the pseudonym Mary Neasham I ventured forth into the world of esoteric non-fiction and wrote Teenage Witches Book of Shadows with one of my mentors Anna De-Benzelle. We put this little guide together for young people becoming interested in the craft at a time when all things of a witchcraft nature were enjoying a massive revival. We hoped by writing it we could both instruct and entertain in a common sense way to those taking an interest in it and steer them away from potentially dangerous roads.
Next came Handfasting a Practical Guide giving information and help to those wishing to learn about pre-Christian weddings and how to replicate them for non-civil services today. It has been the most successful to date.
Then a book on my chosen path that of The Green Man and Green Lady exploring the archetypes and proposing several suppositions for their images found all over our country in churches and cathedrals. The book also includes methods for connecting with woodland and tree spirits and magical connections with our arboreal cousins. Instructions in Runes and the Tree Ogham are also in it as are meditation techniques and an underlying green message for our future. 
And my last one Witchcraft in the West Country a little book written in my real name, Gillian Macdonald with my friend Jessica Penberth a Cornish Hedgewitch and fellow reader. All my books can be found on Amazon and are also available through this site.

There is nothing new about magic but it has many new names!