EFT Healing Therapy

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique £60 per session each session lasting up to and sometimes over 2hrs

A wonderful therapy that aims to free you of the emotional blocks that often contribute to illness, psychological problems, addictions, phobias and many other issues besides. It can have incredible effects on all manner of problems.

Want to give up smoking? EFT can help you overcome cravings and drop the habit....:)

Want to lose weight? EFT can help you adopt a healthier appetite and increase will power :)

Are you diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) ? EFT cleared mine and I know from my own personal experience how incredibly effective it is!

Got a phobia you'd like to be rid of? EFT can help you deal with these fears and rise above your fears :)

Suffer from Insomnia? Anxiety? Stress? EFT is great for reducing these things and reaching core

issues to dissolve these problems away :)

Have OCD issues you want freedom from? EFT is an easy way of empowering you and breaking dsown these rituals in your life :)

This therapy changed my life after I had tried so many other things !

Known more commonly as 'the tapping therapy' EFT is gaining much strength and popularity even managing to compete with traditional acupuncture in the NHS in Scotland now.

It has its earliest roots in acupuncture and was initially developed by Dr George Goodheart - the founder of applied Kinesiology and Dr Roger Callahan - the founder of TFT Thought Field Therapy. But the best known name in the world of current EFT is Gary Craig. He was one of Dr Callahans former students and was inspired to create the bedrock of EFT methods. By combining knowledge on meridian points with creative psycholocial statements he developed EFT but best of all he found it worked! He then dedicated most of his efforts to teach others and spread the word so that as many as possible could benefit from this amazing therapy.

Meridian therapies work on the beleif that all problems whether physical or mental have their roots in emotional blockages instigated by negative reactions resulting in subsequent negative thinking. These become disruptions in our inner energy flows and fields. Some negative thoughts pass on the wind or are cleared before the compound but in some cases they can get jammed. Over time these negative blocks create more blocks and so the initial problem grows until it manifests into a much larger problem such as illness or chronic pain or a phobia etc. By dealing with these blocks at their origins, without always having to directly address it so no need to re-live a severe trauma, EFT can clear even the longest standing problems and more often than not the problem simpy dissolves away. Once on the road to clearing these negative associations and blockages our energies flow freely again and we feel so much better for this. Any disruption in the bodies meridians can be the cause of many a problem but EFT can deal with this and help us on our way to optimum health and happiness.

The benefits of EFT are fantastic and it often works where other treatments have failed. I should know it's why I chose to learn it. After receiving EFT myself for several long standing problems I was amazed at how the emotions associated dissolved and as they went so my physical symptoms began to go also. Without any need for medicines or invasive treatments or emotional discomfort I was able to deal with issues so deeply buried I doubted they would ever clear.....but they have!!! And my life has been much better ever since.

EFT can help with a variety of problems such as...Negative thinking/ phobias/ addictions/cravings/depression/PTSD/abuse/fear/grief/pain/shyness/allergies/anxieties/OCD/anger....the list is endless...

So if you want to give EFT a go and fancy booking an initial consultation then give me a call on 07707759051 or 01284728761 Please allow up to an hour for this.

EFT can be done over the phone as well as in person especially if you have ,access to the internet.

Sessions cost £60 per hour session and it is unlikely that you will need any more than between 1-4 for each issue. So it is cheaper than acupuncture or hypnotherapy and just as effective! And once you learn the basic method for yourself you can always use this on yourself!

( Special rates available for those on benefits are available, please ring for details)

Many thanks.

Gillian Macdonald AAMET registered level 2 EFT practitioner membership no: 1101041